Logicpace Technologies was established in 2010 with the objective of software development, consultancy and training. Our ideas are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our customers. With this we ensure that we follow the right strategy to ensure business renovation, lower operational costs and quick time to market.

We ensure 100% success for our customers business. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we enable our customers to achieve sustainable advantage over their competitors.

Android is a Linux based open source operating system which has JAVA library (similar to SE). And it is a robot or synthetic organism. There is a general thought that Google owns Android. But not just Google, there is Open Handset Alliance™, a group of 65 technology and mobile companies including mobile operators, semiconductor companies, handset manufacturers; software companies commercialization companies who own Android. The use of Android-based smartphones is booming, with more than 50,000 Android apps being already developed. The Android mobile phone market is growing at an impressive rate of 32 per cent every month, with new handsets being released all the time. Industry experts believe the boom owes much to the popularity of the Motorola Droid, MotoBLUR, certain HTC models, and the open-source nature of the OS. Android will ship with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. All applications are written using the Java programming language. By providing an open development platform, Android offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications. Developers are free to take advantage of the device hardware, access location information, run background services, set alarms, add notifications to the status bar, and much, much more. Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications. The application architecture is designed to simplify the reuse of components; any application can publish its capabilities and any other application may then make use of those capabilities (subject to security constraints enforced by the framework). This same mechanism allows components to be replaced by the user. Our team has a high level of expertise in Android application development.

LogicPace Tenchnoloies provide summer training in Android. Following are the course content:
1.Introductino To Android 2.App. Structure & Activites 3.Creating UI-1 4.Creating UI-2
5.Android Event Handling 6.Exploring Security 7.Data Persistence 8.Networking
9.Accessing Android Hardware 10.Android Application Development 11.Maps & Location Api's 12.Android Miscellaneous Api's
13.Android Project
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